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1-1 Sessions Liberation from Childhood Trauma

This amazing offer is for talented, career women who feel vulnerable and are struggling with the aftermath of childhood traumas, abandonment and rejection. This Trauma to Liberation Programme is designed to get you feeling free emotionally and psychologically.

You have the option to Sign up for my 7 or 12 Week Programme.
What is your investment?
Your investment for this Trauma to Liberation Programme is 7 weeks at £1200 and 12 weeks at £2,000. Affordable payment plans are available. Along with 1-1 direct support, you will also have lifetime access to my Exclusive Facebook Group, as well as Access to my E-Book on Childhood Trauma Healing. Your patience with your learning is required. Accountability is also a necessary aspect of your investment.

This programme is put together after years of experience with women who came to me for healing and we found that their underlying problem stems from childhood traumatic experience, and also after I completed my training in Trauma Healing.

This programme is for you if:

There has been one or a series of traumatic experiences from childhood and this is impacting on your quality of life in adulthood.
As a result of such experiences you have unforgivable memories.
You find yourself lacking in personal problem solving skills.
You suffer from having unhealthy relationships with friends and family members.
You struggle with feelings of loneliness, anxiety, anger, and sometimes inner rage.
…..and much more symptoms associated with Trauma Recovery

With the help from myself you can transform your life and:

Become aware of your toolkit bag of inbuilt personal skills that will take you far and beyond your wildest dreams.
You can become able to cultivate a deeper connection with your natural instincts.
Remove past life traumas and blockages, and experience what it is to truly heal yourself.
Allow yourself to be taught how to apply the right tools to quash negative thought patterns that are impacting on your health and wellbeing.

Learn how to accept help that will enable you to de-cord and detach safely and completely from unhealthy past and present relationships.
Allow yourself to be taught analytical skills that will enable you to see emotions that can contribute to an unhappy life.
Accept help that will enable you to become aware of why you are here and how you can transform your life and others.
Engage in exercises that will enable you to build self esteem and confidence in yourself, becoming liberated from fears that you didn't know was part of your belief system.
Allow yourself to learn how to recognise your triggers and manage them all from your empowered self.
Accept help by opening up emotionally, trusting and loving yourself, no matter what others think of you as you are so special.

Please remain mindful that the programme, though already constructed, will be adapted to suit your specific needs and learning style.

If this resonates with you, SIGN UP for a free 30 minute consultation session where you will experience my heart-led and passionate coaching style where we can determine if we are a good fit for each other.

Look forward to engaging with you and assisting you on your journey to transform your life to a life you so deserve !!!

Sound Healing With Tuning Forks (Also On Offer Remotely

1:1 Therapy Session 1 Hour: £70.00

What to expect:

Initial Assessment (up to 90 mins)

Clear plan of action including time frame of work Advised (this is reviewed on an ongoing basis)

Is it your Emotional Selves that need Healing with the Tuning Forks/Sound

Is there long suffering pain that needs healing in your physical body?

What lies dormant will surface and be healed with Sakhmet's guidance. Change and growth is remarkable with Sound Healing..

The Tuning Forks operate on specific frequencies when they tune into your energetic body and they will remove deep pain, anger and or fear.

Written notes to follow each session with assignments given to complete between appointments.

Progress is measured throughout your Healing Sessions and completed assignments.

You are healed at your pace.

Book a FREE 10 minute remote taster session for with Sakhmet

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