About Sakhmet

About-sakhmetSakhmet was raised by a grandmother who applied herbs and love to all her ailments throughout her formative years and as such Sakhmet has reared her sons accordingly. Through tried and tested methods, Sakhmet have come to rely on experience as well as theories, new research findings and new developments in Optimum Health and Well-being.

I have grown to humbly honour and respect the countless molecules that serve our bodies each and every moment throughout our physical existence, and I continue to live and be in awe of the intelligence and power of these tiny molecules that perform at their best when they receive the right quantity and quality of nutrients. Synergy in nutrients and emotional

I am trained in Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy; Anatomy & Physiology and a range of Energy Healing modalities. I am trained to Master level in Usui System of Reiki Healing and Conducted many Attunements with adults and children.  I am trained and experienced in Crystal Healing, Sacred Geometry Healing, Sound Healing, SKHM healing, and Qualified at Teacher Level in Ma-at Sekhem Energy Healing.

I have over 20 years experience in training individuals to heal themselves and others. I have initiated numerous adults and children into energy work for Healing. I am told that I am highly Intuitive and knows that a healthy mind and body is more precious than material possessions.