About Sakhmet’s Care

Sakhmet’s Care aims to provide services that will cater for your Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Well-being.

I am passionate about the quality of service I provide to those who seek my advice/guidance, and I am pleased that I am able to provide a platform/forum for your soul’s journey. I am keen to educate individuals about a variety of processes that will enable them to  treat and heal themselves wholistically. My overall intentions are to empower you to take control of your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing throughout your life, so that you are able to stand in your own power. I  invite you to walk with me and invest in your own healing programme.

I offer work on a 1:1 basis though I have come to observe that the majority of individuals learn quicker among their peers (in a group-work setting). I have therefore concluded that it is better to focus on workshops educating as many of the community as possible. It’s an effective and efficient way of working.

Please feel free to start working with me on a 1:1 basis and moving into a group setting with me as your confidence builds. I won’t negate the need for 1:1 work with those who recognises that is how best to work with their needs at a particular time in their life.

i shall be offering the community a range of programmes which will include the healing modalities I offer.  I will try not to expand further for a while as I need to have individuals invest into the transformational services that I offer, I need the community to get to grips with what I offer before I  move them into other realms of Spirituality.

I also want to reach (Remotely/face to face)  those sensitive children out there, particular those who feel alien to this planet, that they don’t fit in with norms of society, that they cannot live up to the expectations of family and friends, school teachers, Scout leaders, Activity Leaders etc..

Essentially Sakhmet’s care wants you to take time out and confidently examine who you are and live up to your safe plan for your self and non one else. In your world you come first, and you can use anyone of the modalities I, Sakhmet offers, to come to that realisation.