So for 2018, I agree that changes need to be made to my business.  I will be updating my website by creating 2 sites. One specifically relating to Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy, the other Spiritual development.

I will be selling Nutritional Supplements  from my website that deals with Nutrition. I will be looking at Nutrition, diet  and Autism. For this purpose, I will be aiming to work with children and young adults who are diagnosed with ASH and ADHD.

I will also continue with Energy Healing and Spirituality, adding workshops on the other site that deals with your Spiritual Development. These workshops will specifically relate to Reiki Attunement, Crystal Healing and Sacred Geometry. These workshops will be available in London or Dorset. If anyone wishes me to run workshops in the Midlands or Hampshire or Wiltshire, I will be more than happy to. These workshops will be certificated.  They will be a day’s workshop.

Look forward to hearing from you throughout  2018.


Sakhmet x



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