Children And Spirituality

We at Sakhmet's Care Academy, aim to provide a unique service focusing on supporting parents rear their children in a holistic manner.

We feel this is particularly necessary for today’s society where humanity seems to have lost focus on what’s important for the development and advancement of the human race.

Gone are the days when children are allowed to mature slower, where children felt less pressured and less challenged to be more competitive.

Significant portions of the world’s children are now raised in falsehood where they are no longer sure what is right from wrong.

They are lost emotionally, psychologically and spiritually because we have forgotten how to nurture their true gifts, their pure Light that they came into the world with. We have forgotten how to protect them and help them to keep their First Eye open beyond 7 years old.

We take on board that parents are very busy and stressed by Society's demand on their time and work life balance.

We understand also that parents are very concerned about the influence and impact Technological Devices are having on the development of their children.

We want to reassure parents that we are here to assist with the mindset and development of their children.

Sakhmet’s Care Academy offers the following Classes to keep our children Emotionally, Psychologically and Spiritually Connected.

If your Child is Spiritually gifted and fully aware they will be guided on how to hone and develop those gifts.

Registration will include an assessment of your child’s needs spiritually. This will determine the class that will best suit their needs.

Homework will be given and Sakhmet's Care Academy would appreciate parents' support and involvement in their child’s learning, development and growth.

If you are interested in learning more and wish your child to attend Sakhmet’s Care Academy. Please click the button below and complete the form and we will get back to you to discuss further. Alternatively please send an email or contact the number on this website.

Our Provision Caters For The Following Age Groups

Classes - Birmingham UK

4 - 7 yrs
7-10 yrs
10 -14 yrs

Classes Times:

Sunday 8:15am - 9:00am Online

Saturdays & Sundays
Time: 1pm - 3pm Online

Tuesdays Wednesdays Thursdays

Time: 4.30pm-6pm Online

Contribution: £40.00 pm

We Teach and encourage them:

Their creative skills
To encourage Curiosity in our children
To encourage them to think outside the box
To encourage self worth work, to be practised every day
To teach them it's not about winning the race against others; the race is with themselves
To teach them considerations for others
How to practice self love
To embrace concentration and patience
To teach them the about the power of stillness and being present
To teach them how to recognise their own truth and create a healthy lifestyle
To teach the of the power of vision and imagination
Teach them basic knowledge about our Planet and its Ecosystem
Teach the power of the commonly known 5 Elements:
Earth Wind Water Fire & Ether
Teach them of the power of the Breath
Teach them of the Power of Meditation
To Teach our children to embrace the vulnerable side of themselves as well as the confident side
Teach them on Self Healing

We are seeking volunteers, parents with a keen interest to invest in the future of this project. We would also appreciate donations to the first set of uniforms for the children. Anyone with knowledge of where we can get financial support with uniforms, please inform Sakhmet at your earliest convenience.

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