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Greetings everyone, been over a month since I wrote a blog.  So at this time,  I feel that I need to bring more of my vision to the World Wide Web and share what I want for the micro and the macro community.

I believe and know that our physical body, the vehicle that houses the Soul is quite complex in its operation, and that it serves us very well. The physical body was created by Higher Intelligence unknown to man.  The body has the power to heal itself without conventional medicine. Don’t you think that’s amazing : )? I Do.

For those of you who are dependent on conventional medicine, and has however,  accepted that you would like help and guidance on how best to allow the physical body to heal itself, there are numerous Alternative Therapists out there including myself who can guide you. Anyway what was I saying about revealing my vision? Given what I have said about the amazing physical body, my vision is  to enable you all to heal yourselves with little assistance from others.

Of course there are times that I need assistance from others in returning the body to harmony.  I believe in each one teach one. I want to show you how so that you can teach your children and their friends allowing for the mushroom effect in healing and we will all feel better. Just imagine, we will have learnt how to combat stress, the biggest killer on our planet. I mention stress because our energy affect one another and given the bulk of the planet operate under extreme stress, we are all affected at varying levels.  Am I saying I want to  help you all combat stress, well it a very good start.

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