Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing

Crystals have been used by all developed world for centuries. Crystals like trees have so much wisdom to pass on to human race. Simply placing a Crystal on a painful area on the body will remove your physical pain within minutes. There are numerous types of Crystals for different ailments whether it be headache to Cellular Work or Distance Healing. Crystals are very useful for Meditation. Crystals aids other Alternative Therapies such as Reiki and Sound Healing and so on. They will quickly expand your awareness of Consciousness.


Crystal Healing Workshop/Course (Also on Offer Remotely)

1 Day Training 10:00-15:00. £60.00

What to expect:

Exercise on Aura Cleanse.

The History and the composition of Crystals.

What Crystals are used for in every day life.

How to Choose a Crystal for another person.

Programming a Crystal.

How to Meditate with Crystals.

How to Heal yourself with Crystal.

How to Practice healing another person.

Start to Connect to you Inner Power within.


A 4-5 inch Single pointed Clear Quartz Crystal or a Clear Quartz CRYSTAL Wand for practice.

You will need a volunteer to practice on during the Workshop if doing this workshop remotely.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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