First Sacred Geometry Workshop in Birmingham UK today

This workshop was advertised 6 weeks ago and we wanted to attract those who are on consciously on their Spiritual Journey. We were successful in our quest. For this we are grateful.


I felt the need to share the most profound and revealing aspects of the day. we focussed on working with the Platonic Solids. The Solids showed how important they are to us learning and experiencing them before embarking on a generic course on sacred Geometry.

They are truly transformational and responds very uniquely and humbly to the student’s needs. These Solids are very important tool for your tool kit bag if you are serious about your spiritual journey.  The Solids demonstrated that they are powerful tool when applied to or healing so that we can speedily become alchemical in our practice.  They are vehicles that will enable travelling inter-dimensionally when we arrive at a place when our hearts are pure and humble and ready to serve.

Working with and being guided by Lord Metatron is truly beautiful and engaging on a very deep level of Consciousness.

I look forward to rolling out SG across the planet and working with mother Earth in her healing programme.

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