It’s Winter a time of calm and Peace

I want this Blog to bring a message of Balancement. I mean to look at our physical and spiritual bodies

As we all know we are not just physical…. So Winter time is the time to eat earthy foods, starch which releases the sugars we need slowly. We use more energy in the winter. We depend on food and the sun within us  to provide the energy we need throughout the winter months. We are not so aware of our inner sun. Just like the earth has an inner sun,  so do we. Think on that for a moment,  Once we acknowledge there is an inner sun the better we will feel within, especially during the winter months.

Spiritually we should wake early mornings and pray and or mediate. They are the opposite practice of each other wanting the same results; one his listening without talking; the other talking without listening. I would prefer the first one which one of these practices would you prefer?

Call me and lets discuss the  the gains from both practices.

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