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Greetings everyone, not been blogging for sometime. Well I will let you into a little secret, some of us spiritual types, we ebb and flow more than you will ever know. Or shall I say, we experience some serious threatening blockages, which pressures us into working only with each moment rather than plan the day, weeks or even months. During these times we are unable to view a blocked period of time and we simply have to accept and stay with each moment,  day-to-day.

I suppose I am, able to share this fact with  you because I feel I am beyond a period when the challenges were real and I had to execute patience maintaining my agency, my principles, that kept me conscious of  who I am. As Eckhart Tolle said  referring to remaining in the now…. ” and this too shall pass”, and it passed, so here I am again. I pray that makes sense.

Coming back I want to share with you my future plans, however before I do so, I need to announce that I am a High Priestess.

I, as a High Priestess, I want to develop a Community  of Initiates who will confidently stand on their own Spiritually. I want to produces confident Teachers 👨‍🏫 of Spirituality.  I would like to establish The Sakhmet’s School of Spiritual Teachings.

How do I plan to achieve this?  By giving you the opportunity to attend the workshops mentioned below. These will give you the qualifications for entrance into the school:-

Initiation into Reiki Levels 1 – 3 (Master Level)

Sacred Geometry  Workshops,  at least 7 out of 9

Crystal Healing Workshops,  at least 3 out of 4

My workshops will be rolled out across London, Dorset and the Midlands

Time Period – September, October, November, December 2018.

Further details to be posted on my Website.




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