Reiki Attunements

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Reiki Attunements

I am trained in the USUI SYSTEM OF REIKI. I have attuned many students over the years. I ensured I attained Master level on 2 separate occasions, meaning I was initiated by 2 different Masters, to be sure.

What is Reiki?  It is the most gentle of the numerous healing systems out there. In terms of Energy Healing, It is a very good place to start when you are ready to become aware of your connection to consciousness. An Attunement is where the Reiki Master etherically switches on the key at the base of your spine to allow you to tune into the gift of Reiki that we all possess. That is my definition, and I am very happy with it. The Practitioner tunes into the energy each time they need to heal themselves or someone else. Animals, plants and children tunes into the energy quite profoundly. Reiki is very effective in Distance Healing. Reiki reminds you who you are. It can be hands on or hands off Healing

It is always such an honour to attune anyone to Reiki. Its one of the most helpful tool to have in your kit bag which you can call on at any moment.  When you start to practice Reiki, you will soon heal yourself on so many levels and you will soon want to explore other Healing Modalities.

I offer Attunements throughout Dorset, Birmingham and London.

I also Offer Remote Reiki Attunements  anywhere in the world where students have access to SKYPE.

Courses are certificated and follow-up monthly tutoring are offered no extra cost. Students are encouraged to participate to benefot and advance in their Spiritual Growth.



REIKI I                                                                                                   £70.00

REIKI II                                                                                                  £130.00

REIKI III                                                                                                  £250.00

Reiki I Attunement £70.00
Reiki II Attunement £130.00
Reiki III Attunement £250.00