Seeing Clearer & Brighter

What am I saying with this title? Am I really wanting to say how we can see our world brighter and clearer. For what purpose would we want to?

Did you know that in the spiritual world the view is that if we have a problem with the physical eye, its because we have emotionally and mentally chosen at some point in our lives not to really see what is really going on for us personally?

Physically blindness is pushes us to see from within. We have no option but to see from within when there is no physical sight.

I am celebrating being able to see clearer. How did I arrive here?  By wanting to understand me better. By investing time, energy and cash into healing and opening the inner eye. That  allowed me to see and interpret my world from the heart and this is a blessing.

Call me if you want to know how you can achieve the same.

attend my workshops or seek 1:1 spiritual consultation from me when you can make the time to commit to clear sightedness from within. Then you are in touch with your wisdom self.

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