Sound Healing With Tuning Forks

Tuning Forks/Sound Healing Training

Tuning Forks can be found on the Walls of Egypt Temples. An Ancient art form to Therapy, Tuning Forks creates sound frequencies that is appropriate for your individual Healing. Because Sound is All
encompassing the results can be very profound as healing will take place on many levels of your existence.

The human body is wired to be exquisitely sensitive to Sound. The faculty of hearing is one of the first senses to develop in the utero and the last to depart before death.

In addition to perceiving sound through our ears, we also hear the pressure wave of sound through our skin and through the water that makes up approximately 70-80% of our bodies. That said Sound travels through water 4-5 times faster than through air. Hence the sensitivity of the human body to Sound.

Our bones also conduct Sound as evidenced by up to date hearing aids that conduct sound through the skull directly to the cochlea, and also through the technique of using a Tuning Fork to determine if a bone is fractured. In this technique the Fork is placed distal to the suspected fracture and the stethoscope is placed proximal to the injury on the same

A clear tone indicates an uninjured bone, whereas if the sound is diminished or absent, it indicates the pressure of a fracture. This indicates no energy flow in the broken bone and there has been a disruption in flow of energy. The same Tuning Fork that is used to detect the fracture can be used to enable the body to heal itself with Sound and vibration from t

23rd & 24th January 2022

1 1/2 Days Training Level I

10.00-15:00. £150.00 (excl: TF)

What to expect:

Introduction to Sound.

Practice your vocals via a variety of Chants.

Theories behind Sound.

Meditation with the Masters/Guides of Sound.

Introduction to Tuning Forks.

Introduction to the process of Self healing with the Tuning Forks.

Practice on others.

Introduction to reading and understanding the messages your recipients experience during Sound Healing Sessions.

Introduction on how to respond and manage the Healing sessions when your customer is receiving a Healing on an issue in the distant past Circles Meditation.

9th-10th October 2021

2 Days Training level II

10.00 -15:00. £200.00 (excl: TF)

What to expect:

Opportunity to reflect on your practice and your learning from Level I Practice Vocals via Chants - connect with the 5 Elements
Sound Theories II.

Meditate with Sound Masters/Guides.

You will be expected to demonstrate how you Heal yourself with Sound.

You will be observed healing others and your interpretation of issues that need Healing.

Observation of your feedback to the recipient of your healing session Introduction to Space Clearance with the Tuning Forks.

Introduction to Cymatics.

Remote Sound Healing with the Tuning Forks.

Working with the Human Biofield.

Working with the Meridians with the Tuning Forks.

Circles Meditation of Light for Closing

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