Spiritual Guidance, Workshops & Retreats

Why Spirituality?

When we want answers to our existence, spirituality can guide us to the answers.

When we want to understand our experiences in life, spirituality can assist.

When we consciously seek answers to our purpose in life, we are on our spiritual path though we might not be consciously aware of this. Sometimes we can become ambivalent or fearful in pursuing our path and a Guide can aid our process and progress.

There are many roads we can take on this Spiritual Journey and I offer 5 different options or you can take them all under my tutelage: these are Reiki Attunements, Working with Crystals, Sacred Geometry, Sound Healing  or 1:1 Spiritual Guidance. All these modalities incorporates developing skills in meditation. and working with your Spirit Guide/s. I work remotely will all of these healing modalities.

“You inspire me with your compassion and peace. Whenever we talk, I feel a deepening love for all beings and awareness of my true self. Thank you from my heart.”

Clare Delphine

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