Supreme Feminine Actualisation



Introduction To Supreme Feminine Initiation & Beyond

The Planet is emitting the 5th Dimensional Energy which is very feminine/yin energy. Our planet requires and demands balance and it takes the Supreme Feminine to restore such a balance.

The Fifth Dimensional energy and frequency is the Heart frequency. Feeling and following your heart, applying intuition and wisdom is 5th-dimensional existence. Trusting your gut instinct. Trusting the Sacral Centre of your being is showing a connection to the Supreme Feminine. Knowing the importance of the Spiral Energy, The Energy of the Circle & the Square. Centripetal and Centrifugal Forces (Yin & Yang).

The Supreme Feminine is the Creative Force that is forever expanding after experiencing itself womanifesting in so many ways. It is that Infinite swirling, twirling movement. At times, it behaves like the Element, water, always moving, bending, spiralling in and out, dancing. Yet it will act like a Tornado, and Al Nino when it is necessary. When like water it is never still, though it may seem so when you see a lake. This energy is always moving and connecting with water everywhere in our Universe. My Wise Teacher once said to me “Water is always going home to water”. Its Nurturing features are felt everywhere even though we cannot always feel and see it. Sometimes this energy has to be the observer before it returns to his creative self.

The Supreme Feminine is the feminine aspect of the Divine power that connects and binds us together. In other words, it is the Goddess's energy that exists within all of us. Many ancient cultures have a Divine Feminine concept. The African culture there is Isis, the Greeks had Aphrodite, Hindus have Shakti, and the Chinese Quan Yin.

It's time for all women of our Planet to consciously reconnect with their Supreme Feminine Power. Given our Planet has shifted into her 5th Dimension, it is not complicated for all women to step up and dive into this swirling, caring, creative, loving energy.

Men also need to reconnect with the feminine aspects of themselves. Start to feel their emotions and return to connect with our planet. Nurture their true feelings. This will allow for a quicker transition of all on our planet. Men need to be supported and reared to express their true feelings.

Ask for help. Join my Supreme Feminine Group where you will be Initiated into the Supreme Feminine Frequency and power, so say, Cosmic Mother.

Thereafter the Group meets for 3 hours 3rd Friday of each month continuing to share and Engage in Supreme Feminine work. The Will be looking any ancestral Healing, Womb Healing and much more.

Monthly meetings to evaluate and monitor growth and expansions.

Guidance and support from High Priestess Sakhmet.

What to Expect Day 1

Aura Cleanse Protect & Ground
Examination of:

Who Are you? - How do you define yourself?
What have you been doing with life until Now?
What plans did you have in your early years? (20)
What are your strengths (powers) and weaknesses?
What do you want to do with your Powers this lifetime?
Unlock your Feminine power.
Connect with the phases of the Moon and come to know her true powers.


Connect with Main Guide, Animal Spirits, Colours, Elements, and Your Strength/Powers

Health And Well-Being

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