” When I did the reiki master course, I felt pure joy!

I’m so thankful for your encouragement on this journey.

You inspire me with your compassion and peace. Whenever we talk, I feel a deepening love for all beings and awareness of my true self.

Thank you from my heart.”

Clare Delphine

“I met Sakhmet ten years ago when she used crystal therapy on me to good effect. I was so intrigued with crystal therapy I trained to be a crystal therapist myself. At that time I was interested in Reiki healing and attended courses but it was Sakhmet who took me to Reiki Master level.

I started working with Angels and Archangels and attended a course ran by Sakhmet working with Archangel Metatron. That work is ongoing….

Sakhmet has a strong and powerful energy. She is a pioneer. If you are attracted by her energy and what she has to offer I suggest you follow your intuition and be guided by her. You will not be disappointed.”

Hilary Peters, Counsellor, Hypnotherapist

“I have suffered with Lupus (Auto-Immune disease) for over 13 years now and I was advised to change my diet from early on. My diet has never been what I would call ‘good’, eating fast food, ready meals, sweets and fizzy drinks, loving anything ‘fatty’.

I discussed my ill health, recurring Gastroenteritis Bugs and poor diet with Sakhmet, she recommended a complete overhaul of my eating habits.

This seemed like a huge challenge to me (at first) as I’d been set in my ways for so many years, but since swapping my sweets for fruit, my fizzy drinks for water and introducing more fish into my diet, I am amazed at the results. My skin is better, I have more energy and currently no more Gastro Bugs occurring.

Sakhmet opened my eyes to how I could lead a healthier lifestyle, her support, advice and guidance has made a huge difference to my life and also to my future………………”

Rosie Wright