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Sakhmet's Care

About Us

We at Sakhmet’s Care have a firm belief in committing and serving our immediate and wider community. We are very passionate Educators.

Our purpose is to consistently engage adults and children in our services and we have been doing so for over 20 years.

We Educate, and Train individuals on how to Heal themselves and others. We are passionate about Training and Teaching individuals about the workings of their emotional and physical bodies. It’s an honour to help them with their healing processes and their overall Personal and Spiritual Development.

How do we engage our clients? Through our Training Courses which includes Reiki Healing, Crystal Healing and Sound Healing. Our courses are Certified.

We also offer one to one Therapeutic Consultations on Spirituality and Self Healing.

These one to one sessions gives you the opportunity to engage in Regression Therapy
to heal the past and current life's experiences. It allows you time and space to get to work at getting to know the real you. During your engagement in this work you will examine
and address your immediate needs. Your efforts will be rewarded, the result, a transformed life that is healthy and enjoyable outcome, You will be standing in Your Own Power taking control of Your Life.

We are passionate in our endeavours to shares pertinent knowledge and the wisdom behind Complementary Therapy with curious minds. We love to explore alternative ways in which individuals can take care of their emotional and physical well-being without or before recourse to conventional medicine.

We feel that if you are seeking Healing, it could be because of the following:

You want to learn about the source of your physical and emotional pain so that you can learn how to heal yourself.

You want to learn why you keep repeating old patterns and why you keep making the same mistakes again and again.

You want to break these patterns that are sometimes intergenerational.

You want to explore your childhood past so that you can transform your current quality of life.

You want to know what would be a healthy and balanced diet for yourself and your family because you are aware that being proactive with your diet is better than responding to your illnesses with medication that can result in a number of side effects.

Sakhmet's Care

Our Mission

It is our intention that our Healing Programmes are accessed internationally; that they are passed on from one individual to the next.

Our motto is that if we want to change our world we need to start with ourselves and make the necessary changes. We need to genuinely care for each other. This is the intention of our services and programmes, that we pass on the teachings of Sakhmet’s Care.

Look forward to meeting and working with you

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